Many people write or speak to tell us what we should think. Some want to be believed because they are experts, or think they are. Some want to be believed because they claim to speak for us. Some have had revelations. Others want us to trust them because they communicate through prominent media outlets. Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

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Net neutrality exposed

Jan 16, 2014

Internet service is not much different than other utilities, such as electricity, gas or water. Politicians and commentators focus on the nominal speed offered by ISPs. Comparing to water for example, nominal speed offered is analogous to water pressure. We are charged not for the nominal pressure, but for how much water we consume. The pressure offered is a mere technical consequence of the need to satisfy our demand for the volume of water. Similarly, for the internet service providers the cost of service is related to the volume of data transmitted. In order to have this transmission be useful (for example, being able to watch live TV) certain speed needs to be guaranteed.

    If we want the internet to grow and develop freely, we have to expect that its users are charged based on real cost of the service delivery, not on some political fiction imagined by politicians that do not understand neither technology nor business.
      Net neutrality came into existence due this ignorance of politicians and their eagerness of mingling with things beyond their comprehension. As much as this seems to be a norm, it does not release us from exposing it every time when it occurs.

      Illegal lawyer
      Jan 03, 2014
      The California Supreme Court granted permission to practice law to Mr. Sergio C. Garcia, who formally is an illegal immigrant. This decision created a lot of noise in media. We can only hope that this case will trigger long overdue discussion about legality, I mean constitutionality, of our immigration law as it is now. The case can be made that our current immigration law is unconstitutional, and that this is the beginning and the end of all the problems with immigration we ever had, have now,  and might have in the future. 
      Spherical heaters
      Dec 17, 2013
      The government decided that we should not use old style incandescent bulbs due to their energy inefficiency. Only about 10% of the energy they use goes into light, everything else is heat. Most of us have already gradually switched to new bulbs, luminescent or LED. Do we really need the government to be a busy bee regulating this technological transition? What if some people, regardless of inefficiency, want to keep old bulbs for aesthetic or sentimental reasons? The European Union is ahead of us in this process. When they banned old kind-hearted bulbs, some people still wanted to have them. As there was a market for them in Germany, they were sold not as light bulbs but as spherical heaters. After all, this is what they do the best. The eagerness of bureaucrats never can overcome ingenuity of regular folks.
      Helping Mexico
      Dec 10, 2013
      Some anti-immigration advocates say that the best that the U.S. can do, is help Mexico reform their political system. How can it be done most efficiently? Ironically, by allowing freedom of migration and letting even more Mexicans from poor states, such as Oaxaca, to come and work in the U.S. As soon as they see that the world could be better than it is in their home state, they will do whatever in their power to change it. Their strength and resolve will be reinforced by dollars made in the U.S. The ideas of freedom and democracy still are the strongest assets and attraction of the U.S. The best way to spread them is not by sending American soldiers to implement them somewhere else. It is by allowing others to come and experience them first hand. Those are very contagious ideas.
      Obamacare will never work
      Nov 24, 2013
      Obama care does not work and never will. The Harvard Law School graduate does not know the definition of insurance. He does not understand that by its definition insurance can cover only possible but unlikely events. There cannot be insurance covering preexisting conditions, as it cannot be insurance covering the leaking roof. If we loosened up the grip of government regulations, the market would come up with the insurance for permanent health deterioration; hence, it would make sense for young people to pay this insurance for if they develop “preexisting conditions” next year or 50 years down the road, they would have coverage. With this simple approach of insurance as a life cycle affair, not an one year deal, Obamacare is not needed at all.
        Obamacare will also not work because the University of Chicago constitutional law teacher does not understand the Constitution. The idea behind the Constitution is that people should have freedom to find the best ways of handling their affairs, and that the government should not be in the business of making these decisions for them or in the business of providing services to citizens. With Obamacare the government took upon itself a job of providing an essential service, instead of securing that private entities have freedom, including freedom from government regulations, to do so anyway they see fit.
        The pot calling the kettle black
        Oct 07, 2013
        Republicans want to stop Obamacare, believing that it is an excessive expansion of intrusive government, that it is a socialistic concept, which - if implemented - will make healthcare even more expensive and less accessible, putting more burdens on both - lives of individual Americans and economy as a whole. The problem is not that they are right, but that they are not better; they are unable to offer any viable alternative. Their approach to immigration proves that they are socialists as well. They want expansion of E-Verify, a Soviet style police state idea; they want socialistic central planning of immigration. In order to overcome the current crisis, the GOP needs to abandon socialism; on both, healthcare and immigration.
        Why the government is shut down?
        Oct 01, 2013
        In democracy majority rules. However, it is unwise to implement a major law with a narrow majority, and despite the strong disapproval of the main opposition. This is how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare was voted in. Then it won a narrow support in the 2012 election. Slightly more than 50% of Americans are for Obamacare, and slightly less than 50% of Americans are strongly against it. The country cannot function when a narrow majority forces its policy on the meaningful minority.
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        Arafat’s shoes

        President Bush was pressuring Arafat to do more to fight terrorism. Feeling harassed, Arafat picked up a phone and called Bush himself: “Put yourself in my shoes for a while.” Cheney was in an undisclosed location and Bush was caught off guard; being a heartfelt guy, he agreed. The military used the newest top secret beaming technology to send Bush to Ramallah in the blink of an eye, so it is hard to determine when and how long Bush was in Arafat’s shoes. In any case, he did not like it there. When the report came in that Israeli soldiers had smashed a soda machine looking for terrorists, he turned to Jesus for guidance. He patiently turned the other cheek when Israeli soldiers took some cash and computer games from a suspicious Palestinian store. But when they destroyed computer records at the Department of Education Bush, thinking about Laura, ran plum out of cheeks and Texan blood prevailed over Jesus: “Do not mess with Palestine!” Back at the White House, his speechwriters translated this into demands that Israel should leave Palestinian territory immediately.

        The Israelis did not pay much attention; however, Cheney did. He reminded Bush that money would be needed for a second-term election. The speechwriters translated that one into the statement that Israel can do whatever it feels is necessary to protect its security.

        It appears that Bush was not the first politician to wear Arafat’s shoes. How it was accomplished is still a mystery, but Sharon did it as well. At the moment he put his feet into Arafat’s shoes Sharon started thinking about what would be best for Palestinians. He came up with the clever idea that having an independent state would be great. After all, it had worked for Israel. Sharon is old enough to remember Irgun, the Jewish terrorist organization that fought for the independence of Israel. Irgun blew up the King David Hotel killing 91 people, attacked the fortress in Acre releasing 41 Jewish terrorists from the (then British) prison, set off bombs in Jerusalem railroad stations and in the officers’ club, killing 17 British officers. And finally they got what they wanted, an independent Jewish state. From within Arafat’s shoes, Sharon contemplated doing for the Palestinians what had worked for the Jews. Realizing that the Palestinians have no arms, he made a few calls and arranged for a whole vessel of weapons and explosives. Had he ordered just a truckload, it would have been smuggled in within a few days and quickly dispersed. However, ships travel agonizingly slow and Sharon was back in his own shoes in Tel Aviv before the arms arrived. Naturally, he intercepted the shipment. The investigation that followed pointed to the barracks in Ramallah, but no one dared to say that it was the Sharon’s military genius behind this shipment.

        Arafat’s shoes enjoy a great deal of traffic these days, by parties both willing and unwilling. President Bush, leader of the greatest power ever on Earth, was a little resentful over his failure in little Ramallah. The good thing about being a chief is that one can take credit for the successes of subordinates. So Bush decided to put Donald Rumsfeld into Arafat’s shoes. Rumsfeld, a straight shooter, was definitely against risky experiments, but Cheney was at the heart clinic so there was no one to appeal to. Rumsfeld took the famous shoes on as a challenge. He got right down to work and soon pinpointed some terrorist leaders that should be arrested. However, Israeli troops had just killed the Palestinian policemen who would have been responsible for carrying that out those arrests. Rumsfeld said nothing; but he did not forget it either. Soon after, just before the next round of arrests, an Israeli rocket annihilated the car containing the suspected terrorists. What was Rumsfeld to do? A practical businessman, he got the idea that killing terrorists might be not as important as preventing from new being recruited. Immediately following this reflection, Rumsfeld was struck by the thought that a rocket launched at the car carrying Sharon might meaningfully put an end to all that Palestinian terrorism. And if, with God’s help, Netanyahu was also in the car… At that point he realized that he could identify at least one terrorist, took a rocket launcher and fired it straight into a mirror. Later the media blamed the Israelis for that big hole in Arafat’s bedroom wall. The press does not usually get it right.

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        Since my high school years, I have interest in politics and love for writing. During my college years, I started writing to student papers and soon became freelance author to major Polish political magazines.

        In 1980 I wrote a book “Czy w Polsce może być lepiej?” (“Could it be better in Poland?” – this book is available only in Polish) analyzing major problems in Poland at the time and outlining possible solutions.

        I was among those Polish political writers who by their writings contributed to the peaceful system transformation that finally took place in 1989. Since 1985, I live in the Chicago area. I went through the hard times typical of many immigrants. Working in service business, I have seen the best and the worst places, I met the poorest and the richest. I have seen and experienced America not known to most of politicians, business people, and other political writers. For eleven years, I ran my own company. Presently, I am an independent consultant.

        My political writing comes out of necessity. I write when I see that the prevailing voices on the political arena are misleading or erroneous. Abstract mathematics and control theory (of complex technological processes) strongly influenced my understanding of social phenomena. In the past, my opponents rebuked my mathematical mind as cold, soulless, and inhuman. On a few occasions I was prized for my engineer’s precision and logic.

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